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Don’t Let Pests Take Over Your Home

It’s important to keep pests out of your home all year round to protect your family and your property. That’s why Pest control service provides customized home protection plans, backed by pest control science, to make sure you’re always protected from unwanted pests.

Home pest is disgusting and bothersome. Pests can also cause danger to human health and even harm your property. Our aim at Pest Control Service isn’t just to support you with the purging of pests in your household, however, to also assure you that they don’t return to your residence. Pest Control Service has assisted different families in removing harmful pests from your home, preventing woods with destroying bugs and ants hassle-free.

We can also protect your homes and gardens from rodents, just as guaranteeing that your homes and buildings are secure against any disruption from birds and annoying bug invasions, and so much more. The first step is to have a Pest Control Service carry out residence pest control inspection.

Common Resident Pest

There are several varieties of pests that you can see around your residence, and our experts are equipped and available to eliminate them as soon as possible. So if you have noticed any evidence of pests infestation at your house, reach us to provide us more insights about the problem. We will make sure; we send experts to inspect your property and discuss the treatment that can use to evacuate the problem. We can also help you in dealing with regular pests, for example;

  • Rodent Pest
  • Termites Pest
  • Cockroach Pest
  • Mosquito Pest
  • Flies Pest
  • Bed Bugs Pest
  • Snake Pest
  • Lizard Pest

Rodent Pest

At Pest Control Service, we will do a complete inspection of your residence and discover where the rodents are coming in. Then we seal up the paths and after that planning strategy in finding the rodent channels and rodents settle that may be inside your residence. At Pest control services, Our crew of trained professionals will work together with you to get the most favorable alternative solutions; for example, rodent baiting traps, make a schedule now and get it done.

Here at Pest Control Service, our specialist have a reliable technique in rodent control. In supervising the rodents at your property, we make sure to capitulate with applicable laws and regulations:

Traps–These traps will enable the reduction of rodent populace. We can position the lure traps in rodent pathways (where rodents go from residences to discovering nourishment). We use food lure with the traps.

Bait stations – Bait stations are latched and positioned inside 50 feet of a building.

Fumigation–This is one of the best treatments for eliminating pests in your residence, and a specialist does it.


Termite Pest

At Pest Control Service, we give the adequate termite pest control service for eradicating termites in your establishments. Our specialists in termite control deal with all kinds of termites, from Formosa termites, Drywood termites, and Subterranean we have the ideal answers for you. Our professionals can prevent termites on dry wood, underground, and Formosa termites.

Baiting termite treatment

This treatment is presumably the satisfactory technique our experts use in baiting and monitoring termite treatment procedures. Our termite professionals cautiously reach to termite locations and tap to see termite impulse. This type of termite control technique permits us to give the sort of assistance that requires no distress to business or residence owners.

Mosquito Pest

Our experts will give your property a strict inspection to perceive the type of mosquitoes they are dealing with. So when the check and the prominent verification is finished, then at this point, our professionals in mosquito pests control will set up an appointment for mosquito treatment.

Our experienced experts at Pest control offer several ways and techniques to reduce mosquito pervasion levels and making your home feel comfortable and safe.

Points of Service

Pest Contro Service combines exceptional pest control expertise with the most advanced technology around to remove pests from your home – and keep them away – all year round.

Files Pest

Flies can be infuriating and can harm the health of your household. What files can do is alarming; getting the facts about their conduct is significant in comprehending why fly control is so important. Flies are undoubtedly not charming, and they can cause a lot of problems, there’s a more widespread concern with attention to flies and their control: disease.

Our specialist on fly control and adopt an incorporated pest the board technique to help in the eradication of flies. We formulate methods and treatments that will terminate the fly infestation. A Pest Control Service flies pest professional, will discover the motives why the flies are in your household; maybe there is a garbage dumpster overly near the building.


Bed Bugs Pest

At Pest Control Services, visible bed bugs are threats to the household, so they are removed. With a variety of remote, pet-accommodating, eliminating bug sprays, dispose of any shrouded bed bugs, and our experts will do their eggs in one visit. Our experienced expert arrangements for removing and protecting your household from bed bugs and several pests for about 60 minutes.


Bed Bug Dogs

These are hounds that can inhale any location wherein bedbugs are concealing. These pooches are prepared, and they can smell bedbugs’ scent.


Conventional Treatments Method

Pest Control Service standard treatment is one of our best vital bed bug treatments that has resulted in ina vastly incredible result at the end of bedbugs treatment. This treatment is the best in for working environment and your residence. Our professionals apply this treatment procedure to have the alternative to see all the perceived concealing locations of bed bugs in your home. They guarantee that all the possible concealing nooks are free from bed bugs. 

Heat Treatments Techniques

The heat treatment techniques are utilized for destroying bed bugs. This one-day treatment can provide a well-disposed circumstance structure by exterminating all the bed bugs in your households and work surroundings by spreading pesticides to the infested zones. For the most aspect, swarmed habitats are spaces that are heated to a high temperature by a versatile warmer, to ensure that these bloodsuckers are deceased.

Snake Pest

Although snakes don’t usually stay near people’s homes but pertinent, they can find their means to your residence. If rodents have infested your apartment,so the snake will also likely pursue the rat hastily into your apartment or commercial location. They can cause a hazard to your home and even cause damage to your health. It’s terrifying and doesn’t feel amazing having a snake in your household; at that point, when you notice anything, you can reach us to assist you in removing the snake from your residence.

Lizard Pest

The lizard pest control has become very important because lizards can be bothering and unpleasant when seen at your residence or buildings. Lizards are small in stature, and they feed on bugs around the area of a building. They are attracted to bulbs or cylinder glow, and you can see them on window rims. Lizards can be irking, but they are innocuous. These reptiles are safe, and they do not carry the disease of any type to harm humans, but they provoke us, causing distress. Our professionals have extra ordinary strategies for controlling this species of pest.

We use a trap that is competent in lessening the number of lizards in your residence or building. This procedure can take time at least one to two weeks. Our specialist will position traps at their hideout or route. We protect our high principles by providing the best jobs to our clients. At Pest Control Service, we always preserve our outstanding prestige and strive as much as possible to offer you satisfactorily. Whether you want to remove lizards from your residence, business, or industry, reach us today and let us make you feel safe again.

Remove pests from your home, and stop them from coming back

We work hard to listen, understand and assess your unique situation. Request a free, no-obligation estimate today for a customized pest program that fits your needs.

Pest advice for your home

Protect your home from pests with expert advice from Orkin Canada’s technicians.


As the temperatures drop it’s not just humans that seek shelter inside, pests do too. You may notice pests including rodents and “strange bugs” in and around your home. These overwintering pests are looking for somewhere to survive the cold winter months.


When planning for pests, it’s easy to forget about basements. You hardly go down there, so surely there’s nothing down there to attract pests right?

Common Pests

At Pest Control Service, we know our pests, and you can too. Explore our pest library to learn how to identify and deter common pests.



Bed Bugs



Why Hire Us

We ensure that you and your family are genuinely satisfied. That is the purpose why we provide the most extraordinary and prepared professionals to deal with all your residential pest control problems. Throughout the years, Pest Control Service has dealt with families only like yours, keeping their species from pest pervasion. Pest Control Service provides a wide range of homes with garret pest control services to ensure safety for you from ants, insects, rodents, termites, or some other unsafe pests while guaranteeing the earth’s safety as well.

Our duty as pest control service is to offer a home free of pest infestation and letting you and your household enjoy an environment free from pest. We understand how tough it is to live with pests that can inflict havoc; we are honestly choosing these services for you because we want you to giggle again. Utilizing just the substances expected to carry out the task, and using this at least with useful items. We will dispose of all pests, causing a disturbance and to make you safe.

We consider our service to be a family, which you are part of, and we see pests as an enemy of the family. To get this treatment started, schedule a pest inspection with one of our competent and equipped professionals today.



In summary, reaching out to a pest control service will ensure your residence safety. Our purpose at Pest Control Service is not just to assist you with taking away pests in your residence; nevertheless, we also assure you that your home won’t get re-infested again.

100% Satisfaction or Money Back


Resolving your pest problem is our #1 priority. If re-treatment is required, we’ll provide immediate services at no extra cost. If your expectations are not met, we guarantee a full refund of your service payment.

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Remove pests from your home, and stop them from coming back

We work hard to listen, understand and assess your unique situation. Request a free, no-obligation estimate today for a customized pest program that fits your needs.

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